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The Duplo DF-990A Automatic Folder is one of Duplo's quietest tabletop folding machines. With a high speed of up to 260 sheets per minute, the DF-990A utilizes a three-roller friction feed system to process a wide range of paper stocks and offers a new hand feed kit option which allows operators to manually feed one to three sheets at a time for quick folding. Simply load the paper into the hand feed tray and the sensor will automatically detect, feed, and fold the paper. Easy to use and built-in with sound absorbers for quiet operation, the DF-990A eliminates folding by hand and is perfect for any office environment.

The DF-990A comes pre-programmed with six standard fold types including single, double, half accordion, letter, accordion and gate - enabling users to fold a variety of applications at the touch of a button. Using the user-friendly color LCD touch panel, operators can easily select from one of the standard paper sizes and can also create custom fold styles with non-standard paper sizes simply by moving the fold plates. Custom folds can be saved into one of its 15 job memories. To further extend its capabilities, the DF-990A comes standard with a cross folding unit to reprocess single folded sheets into right angle folds.


  • Three-roller friction feed system
  • High speed folding up to 260 sheets per minute
  • Color LCD touch panel for easy operation
  • Optional hand feed kit to manually feed one to three sheets at a time
  • 1.8" load capacity
  • Six pre-programmed standard folds
  • Standard cross folding unit for right angle folds
  • Miss-feed and paper jam detection ensure document integrity
  • 15 job memory for custom folds
  • Built-in sound absorbers for quiet operation

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